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How Acharya Ji Started His Journey Into Ayurveda?

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Once Acharya feels ill and even after seeing various doctors, he was not recovering. His health kept on deteriorating every six weeks. His father took him to various renowned medical professionals but nothing could help him. One day he visited his aunt’s place and stayed for a week. He adopted their lifestyle on his stay. The changes in his lifestyle were waking up early, yoga or exercises and healthy food. This lifestyle improved his health massively and he was fit & fine after adopting this lifestyle.


Acharya Ji was enchanted to spread awareness about the usefulness of Ayurveda in the entire world. He comprehensively studied yoga and Ayurveda before spreading the mindfulness about it around the globe.


Divya Upchar Sansthan

After widely studying Ayurveda, Acharya Manish Ji founded Divya Upchar Sansthan to make herbal medicines combining various herbs to cure the most dangerous diseases.


We all know that the ancient stage is known as the golden age of Ayurveda. In that stage, people were entirely dependent on Ayurveda for effectively diagnosing and treating illnesses of humans and animals. Ayurveda flourished in that era and various ayurvedic treatises were composed in this era. In the conventional era, the study of Ayurveda was a pride of place and people pursued it with zeal.


The ancient stage was followed by the desecration period when Indian kingdoms were taken over by foreigners. In this time, the invaders destroyed invaluable Indian treasures and Ayurveda tomes. Sadly, many valuable Ayurveda treatises were entirely destroyed during this era. Many illicit variations in the Ayurveda system were introduced in this era which made it very ineffective.


However, after independence, there was a rejuvenation of Ayurveda in India. Particularly in the fag end of the 19th Century and the 20th Century, ayurvedic medicines were extensively used by the people. The Swadeshi movement added to the all-round development of Ayurveda.


The government made deliberate attempts to make people use herbal medicines. Various Ayurvedic practices have grown in India, and simultaneously other modern and alternative medical sciences flourished. Mentionably, Ayurveda studies are have undergone various tests in scientific lines and are proved to be the best medicines for people of every age.


After seeing the effective results of Ayurveda, there was the growth of Ayurveda institutions, colleges, dispensaries, pharmacies, and even hospitals in different parts of India. Ayurveda institutions also research about how combining few herbs can make give results.


The Ayurveda experts, mendicants or saints have in-depth knowledge and are experts in varied aspects of the life of all living beings. They make specialized medicines for the different types of diseases affecting various plants and animals using locally available natural substances. The best thing about Ayurveda is that no artificial elements or concoctions are used in their preparation.


Natural Preparation


Acharya Manish Ji ayurvedic organization makes a variety of herbal medicines. They are considered to be extremely useful in supporting various treatment programs. Ayurveda is not just a preventive method but is the best curative therapy. Consuming ayurvedic medicines strengthens the immune system against diseases and makes you strong.


The Ayurveda specialists advise patients to change their radical lifestyles and include exercise, yoga or meditation in their daily lives. Changing lifestyle habits can improve persistent aches or problems. People suffering from back pain, arthritis, tension headaches, high blood pressure, obesity, constipation, allergies and colds, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other stress disorders have seen their pain going away by having herbal medicines, regularly exercising and including physical activity in their routine.